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Q: Are all Gold Rings Plus rings solid alloy or are they plated?
A: All the rings we supply are wholly made from the gold alloy chosen, they are solid, none are plated.

Q: Can I order in 24 carat (Karat) gold?
A: No, we only supply in 9 of 18 carat (karat) versions of yellow, white and rose gold alloys.

Q: How long does a ring take to make?
A: The manufacturing time for a ring is 7 to 14 working after an order has been accepted.

Q: How long does delivery take?
A: The delivery time is 1 to 3 working days in Australia, with most countries throughout the world 3 to 8 working days.

Q: Can I order variations other than from those offered on the ring price calculator?
A: The short answer is no the ranges offered are limited by the programing of the sophisticated machinery used to make the rings, But colours can be changed see next question.

Q: Can I order multi coloured rings in different colours to those depicted?
A: Multi coloured rings can be ordered in different combinations, some times the combination you want may be offered as a different code, if not just email us and ask.

Q: Can I re-size my ring?
A: Yes if your ring style is plain and not patterened. A half round ring can have metal removed or added.
No if you have ring with a pattern or engraving, but some can be streatched bigger a size.
In any case please check with us or a reputable jeweller.

Q: Can you engrave the inside of a ring?
A: Yes, please ask by email for details. An engraver could be sort from a trophy maker or engraving business.

Q: Can I return ring if I don't like it
A: No, there is no return on any item. There is no exchange on all items, except if there is a manufacturing fault, with the item. A replacement or repair may be asked for within 5 days after delivery.