Gold Rings Plus - Fine solid gold wedding and dress rings and bands for men and women -
Over 300 styles of gold wedding & dress rings & bands, a full range of finger sizes, available in pink (rose), yellow and white gold.

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Machine Engraved rings have ornate swirls and curved lines over the rings face. Half Round bands a round profile face, these are the most selected for wedding bands for both men and women. Flat bands have a flat top, with a number of finishes on the sides. Formed wedding bands have formed curves to the outer edge of the ring. Overlay rings are 2 tone rings with engraving and / or patterning on the top face and / or edges. Overlay Formed rings are a combination of one, two or three gold colours. Patterned rings have many different patterned finishes on the top face and edges.Russian rings are three interlinked bands, mostly one band of white gold, one band of pink (rose) gold and one band of yellow gold. Edge Patterned bands have grooves and engraving on the top face and / or edges. 2 and 3 Tone rings have 2 or 3 of the coloured golds in them, with assorted finishes.These are tablet rings with the flat feature face, and finished in multi gold combinations. Tablet rings have feature face on top of the ring. Please hold mouse over links for information on style groupings.
All rings are solid gold in 9 or 18 carat. Most rings are possible in yellow, white and pink gold, with some in combinations of 2 or more. Follow these links and click on the \"Price\" icon next the item of interest, to see the colours available.